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Clunking noise from rear passenger wheel

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Started my car this morning, took the handbrake off and what sounded like metal banging happened. I drove off, listening for anything else, go over a speed bump on my road, and hear a clunking sound coming from the rear passenger side wheel. My original though is the suspension, as that happened on my previous car, but that was constant banging. I've had a look under the car, and nothing obvious to see. Thinking it might be shock absorber but why would it have made a bang when I took the handbrake off first thing? Handbrake has been fine and no other noise from it since. 


Any help is appreciated before I take it to the mechanic. 

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I'd guess at rear trailing arms but you need to get the car up in the air and feel around for play on all the suspension.

If you don't have a trolley jack/stands I'd stop here and either buy some or take the car to a mechanic. You're not going to be able to fix much without taking the wheel off lol.

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Do you know when the handbrake is on, it holds the car?

It could be that the brake shoe is sticking and might just need a brake service/cleaning

The clanking noise over humps could again be something sticking or suspension bushes on their way

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