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Anyone used Avon tuning in Bristol? Looking to remap my Fiesta 1.0L 100ps ecoboost


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Hi guys,

Im getting to the stage of being ready for a stage 2 remap. Just need to fit my exhaust and sports cat soon. I've read a few things about avon tuning and they seem to be professional and have done some good work. I have sent them a few emails and they given me some information. Just curious if anyone has used them and would recommend. I am worried of destroying my gearbox with a remap as its only a 1.0L 3 cylinder 100ps. I know when pushing a car past the limits of the manufactuers specs there is always potential for trouble so I just want to be sure im going to a good mapping company.



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5 minutes ago, Neil1210 said:

I used them with my last car a Toyota and they were great and only Down the road from me. I would recommend. They are the best in Bristol 

ahh thank you. Im based in London so a bit of a drive but seems worth it. The only thing putting me off is worries of my gearbox being destroyed.

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Just make sure they put it on the rolling road. I paid extra for it but that was just for a stage 1 so they don't normally use a rolling road for a 1. And they write all there own maps 

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