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Fiesta 55 plate rattling noise from exhaust


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Hi guys

I have a 55 plate fiesta 1.4 petrol. 15 year old car I know however it’s been a day or two that when I turn the engine on there’s a loud rattling coming from the exhaust pipe I’m guessing. It also sounds like a modified car, you can hear the pops and bangs like it’s an Rs3. It’s only a fiesta though sadly. My guess is the exhaust pipe has Dixon extend from the exhaust box???Any idea of what that could be and how much to fix? 

thanks in advance 

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There are a few exhaust centres that will take a look at it for free and give you a quote if they diagnose it as an exhaust system fault (Kwikfit, National etc).  When they get old, they rot and rattle and if it rattles it could easily have a hole in which would give you the light aircraft engine sound.  Pops and bags?  Could the lack of back pressure make things erratic and cause this?  Eliminate a shot zorst first.  Otherwise, I’ll definitely stand corrected : - )

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Update. The car is fixed.

I took it to a local garage and he said the exhaust box had a hole in it so well done to marineboy for guessing. He put an aftermarket exhaust box and I paid £130 for labour and part. The car sounds a bit different because the box is new and he said it will take a while to sound like before. 

£130 sounds good or nah?

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