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Heated seats weak on the heat

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First post on the forum and apologies if this has been covered before.

Bought a Fiesta Metal 2012 couple of weeks back and only just recently with the chilly days have started using the heated seats in the morning. I've had a corsa in the past with heated seats and that thing is cooking you in 60 seconds but the fiesta is very slow on the heat if any and it doesn't really feel enough to take any kind of morning chill off, I'm questioning whether the heat is just my body heat warming the leather. 

I've checked the fuses and replaced to see but no change. Am I expecting too much from these seats or should they be quick to heat up? Should they heat the whole seat near enough as I'm maybe just feeling it right under the bum.


Any help would be appreciated 🙏

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Warm welcome to this fantastic forum.

I have a 2019 mk8 with leather seats, and I have noticed it takes about 5 minutes before I start to feel any noteable heat.

And when it has been on for around 10 minutes I feel it has reached max and feels nice and warm both seat and back.

Probably not hot enough to keep the takeaway warm though 🙂

not sure but usually when checking heating elements, resistance with a multimeter is checked, but not sure how this would be done.

There are some amazingly clever knowledgeable people here, so no doubt soon you will have a full rundown

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Thanks for letting me know. I have done a bit of testing and it feels like not all the heating elements within the seat are functioning. After 5 mins a small section near bum is warm. The greater part of the seat for bum/legs is cold as well as the entire back of the seat. 

Wouldn't know what to do with the resistance/multimeter. I can only confirm now that they come on but not fully. 

Feel like I may have to take the seats out to investigate the wiring to each of these elements/ heated mats unless someone there's that special someone out there with the solution 🤔

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For reference, my recaros take a good 5 mins to start getting warm and a further 5-10 mins (depending on ambient temp) before my bums on fire.

The back (only the lower back btw) definitely doesn't feel as warm as the seat.

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