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Power steering pipes renewal

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Hi, had a pipe failure on 06 plate focus and set about replacing them. Remove alternator and stud, oil  reservoir and pipe. To get to the nut on the pump bend the pipe securing bracket to one side and then you can get an open ended spanner on the suicide nut to remove it. when you replace the nut make sure it is bolted up very tight cause if you don't you will be doing what I did when I had to strip the lot down a further two times  to rectify the leaking oil. To avoid buying a tool to put the drive belt on, when replacing the alternator put the bottom bolt in, align the belt push the alternator forward till the castings touch you will find that the holes for the top bolts are  are misaligned so if you get a sturdy piece of wood between the engine mount and the casting you can lever the alternator to line  up the holes to get the bolt and stud in.Hope this saves some one some time in doing the job. It is a relatively easy job when you have done it especially three times😁.


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