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FiestaMk7 Rear Bushes

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It looks a straightforward job, but the N/S one requires the bracket to be removed, as the petrol tank prevents the through bolt being removed. Is there any reason why this bolt should not be replaced in the opposite direction for future simplicity?

Also, I hope to extract the bushes by brute butchery, but has anybody any tips for a homemade tool to insert the new ones?. Some bushes look to have a rim that has two levels, like a long notch in it, so needing some sort of keyed unit to cover it and evenly transmit  pressure.

Thanks for reading.

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It's possible to do it using a couple of large sockets/pipe with a nut and bolt inbetween that you tighten up to draw the bush into the housing. You have to use a decent bolt or you'll just shear it (don't use any bolts off the car to do this). Plenty of lube on the bush, housing and bolt thread is key.

I've also tried a G-Clamp with a nut welded on the end (you'll bend the handle otherwise). It worked but the threads were too coarse to get a decent force behind it.

You can also get a press kit (looks like a G-clamp, but uses a proper thread and comes with all different attachments for various sized bushes/bearings. They're about £30-40 on ebay.

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My odds & sods box won't supply a suitable collection of items to make one up, so I am chasing a tool.

Does anybody know if a tool that works on the Mk4 fiesta will be OK for the Mk7, as there are differences in price?
Both models have the same base B platform, but don't know if the axle and arm are slightly different.


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i havnt done rear beam axle bushes but my mechanic said get the powerflex ones (purple not the black series) and they will go on much easier as they dont need compressed to get them on like the cheaper oem ones do.


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Son did mine the other year, there was a long thread about this but now lost in the mass of posts.

Be sure to use the correct tools as it will save you Efffing & Blinding all day long, I've seen several youtube clips, but only one showing how it has to be done correctly, trying to smash out the old bush isn't advisable, son drilled a ring of holes into the rubber, then knocked the middle out, then cutting through the outer plastic bush and it comes out easily, don't think of heating the steel up as the bush will emit choking black smoke.

Fitting the Poly bushes makes for a harsher drive.


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For Information;-   The series IV has a different bush size to the Series VI & VII. The latter is bigger and requires different tools, which are larger & dearer. Adaptors will not do.

Thanks for the comments & I have resorted to ordering a proper tool!

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