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Mixed offset wheels. Fiesta Zetec MK6.5 1.6 TDCI


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I recently purchased what i thought was a set of four used 15 inch black rims with tyres for the above car but after purchase i found that although all the wheels are 6JX152, two of the wheels have an offset of ETA 52.5 and the other two are ETA 49.5.

I would prefer having them all with same offset but as i cannot return the wheels, could i get away with putting two of the same on each axle or not. 



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Hi Wobbla, there is no problem in putting ET49.5 on one axel and the ET52.5 on the other. Just check with steering turned to full lock that the tyres clear the inner wheel arch.

 might cause you a problem as regarding a spare wheel - which size do you carry? but I wouldn't worry about it.

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Hi unofix. I have 195/50/15 tyres on all the 4 steel rims as purchased.

The correct offset for this size tyre on the Fiesta 15" steel wheel is ET52.5. 

In light of what you said, i will put the ET49.5 on the rear axle the correct ET52.5 at the front.

I will have to source a spare tyre. The biscuit wheel tyre i have currently is 175/65/15 i think.

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