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Can you hear the motor running in up mode ?

If so before going any further, try helping it up with fingers - if it starts but is slow then it could be that the runner slots require lubricating with some ptfe spray.

Thats usually the problem, or has been on most of my cars.

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On both passenger / driver door window up controls ? = if so then probably a broken (open circuit cable as it is unlikely that both switches have failed) or bad connection on the loom plug on door below the door stay.

I personally would test the motor first with 12v, if motor is working UP with an external supply then its a cable connection issue.

Hard to diagnose at a distance, there are several fuses to check too but if drivers is working up and down then unlikely to be a fuse.

You will need a pretty standard meter to measure voltage and check continuity.




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Hi Kev, I have had a look at the circuit diagram of the passenger side window. The fault is that one of the switches is stuck in the down position. Either the passenger side window switch on the drivers door or the switch on the passenger door. It is a fail-safe system to stop people getting trapped in the window if both switches are pressed at the same time. 

Check both buttons are free to move and not jammed. Then after that you will need to take the switch out of the passenger side and test with a meter. 

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The motor must be fine, if it can drive the window down then it can drive the window up. Its the switches that change the direction of the motor by reversing the positive and negative. By all means fit a new motor but it won't make things any different. It is probably the passenger switch on the drivers side that has the problem but its just quicker and easier to test the one on the passenger door first.

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