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Wanted ! Salvage fiesta ST 180 for project

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Hi Guys and Gals!

Im looking for a salvage / accident damaged 1.6 ecoboost st so I can resto mod my mk4 escort van. 
if anyone has one or can point me in the right direction I’d really appreciate it.

many thanks


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Hi Gareth, I wish you good luck but I truly think it would be easier to fit a Dumper truck engine in to Concorde and get it to fly again than fit a high tech 21st centuary electronically controled engine in to Henry Fords Model T, or in your case an Escort.

It will make an interesting Escort van if you get it done but its going to take £1000's to get all the modules to talk with each other.

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The cheapest and easiest way to get it to work would be to run the engine on a standalone ECU as modern fords all have the annoying thing if each module requires communication with the other modules, this includes the SRS module to make sure the car hasn't been crashed

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Yes I’ve been advised on a stand alone ecu and maybe custom loom. 
As I want the seats and maybe other parts I thought it may be better just to buy the whole car then sell off what we don’t need. 

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