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New Brake disk Fiesta 1.25zetec MK6 2010 60plate

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Hi all

I need to replace driver side brake disks, and i've seen on Auto doc some decent prices for a new pair of front disks even Brembo. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what is the correct brake disk size for my Fiesta.

I just need a good replacement, without breaking the bank, but if spending an extra couple of quids gives me a better set i don't mind.

I don't need performance disks as the car is used mainly to commute.

Feel free to suggest better than the Brembo, I've seen.






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Brakes have to be done in pairs (aka if your doing the driver side you also have to do the passenger side) not doing this will not only mean different wear levels between both side but also difference in brake performance causing the car to pull to one side. Also Brembo is a very good brand

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Brembo pads are okay, I've found them to squeak sometimes though. Pagid are my go-to brand for "normal" cars.

I tend to find genuine Ford aren't much more expensive in most cases tbh.

But yes as said above, don't even consider doing just the drivers side.

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