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Bonnet latch and cable

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Had a problem with bonnet not shutting on 62 reg Fiesta. The cable looked like it was too long but turns out the latch was broken. I have a latch on order but it it turns out that the cable is still too long (looks like could be anything up to an inch too long compared with the existing latch) is there any way to adjust it, I've looked everywhere but can't find anywhere to adjust so hopefully it is just the broken latch making it look too long but thought I'd ask just in case.


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As you look down at the release catch, where the bonnet cable is visable, the spring doesnt release the latch. Push it left, using a screw driver, back into position so the bonnet catch will engage. Give it a squirt with some lubricant

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I've done that but the cable is still too long so when I pull the lever inside the car the cable pulls the lever on the latch it's connected to but not far enough to release the latch. Obviously the cable isn't broken so maybe it's stretched but if it is then it's stretched quite a bit. Can't seem to source a cable that's less than about £30 so thought I would try and find out if there's any adjustment to the cable that I could make before I Shell out. It's my granddaughter's car so you can bet you life I'll be paying for it lol

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