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I hope someone on here can help me with an ongoing issue.

I have a Ford Galaxy 2.0 diesel, 163bhp Automatic Powershift, the car has done 149,000 miles and I have had it since 30,000 miles. The car started having a rare issue after about 80,000 miles, occasionally the slippery surface light on the dash board would come on and then go off, this happened every few months and nothing else happened. In the last 25,000 miles this has happened more often and the car goes into limp mode with reduced power, which will either clear when turning the car on and off or when the car comes to a stop at a junction and then I pull away and everything is fine.

Recently it has come up with a message regarding “restricted use of gearbox”, so the car was in limp mode with reduced power and the gears seem to be reduced usage as well. The only way to clear this is to stop the car, turn off the engine and lock the doors to reset, after that it works perfectly fine, I have also experienced the same light on the dashboard and it will reset by simple stopping at a junction or turning off and on again. It asleep comes up with ”engine service now” message most times.

The car has been serviced every 12,000 miles or so, with fuel filter and pollen filter changes, the last service being 5500 miles ago. The gearbox has had a full rebuild 1000 miles ago and is in perfect working order.

My mechanic has plugger the car in and so did the gearbox company and it comes up with an ABS error code, the gearbox company have suggested that the “wheel speed sensors” need replacing, I have also been told this by some other Galaxy owners. My mechanic says this will be a good starting point, but I could be looking at something else to do with ABS.

Has anyone else experienced something similar and if so how did you fix it?


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