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Ford Fiesta 2018 - Slight Rattling In Lower Gears When Accelerating

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Hi Guys,

I seem to be experiencing an issue with my MK8 Ford Fiesta (October 2017). I can hear slight audible rattling when accelerating in 1st gear up to 2000rpm and the sound seems to come from the left passenger side towards the engine. 

The vehicle was only serviced this year in February 2021 with under 9900 miles

I can also hear the rattle noise when I tap accelerator in 2nd gear.

Any Suggestions would be great?

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16 minutes ago, potblack2win said:

Any Suggestions would be great?

Maybe if you stopped driving your Fiesta like a racing car and started to use the clutch like Ford designed it to be then you would have fewer rattles, just a suggestion.

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LOL - but on a serious note. The sound is defo coming from the engine bay area.

I may open the bonnet and get someone to press gas pedal to see if I can isolate where the noise is coming from. I saw some posts of people saying there was a TSB fix that Ford know about relating to rattling noises.

Anyone else have any other suggestions?

I have Ford Protect warranty until October 2021 so will get it booked in for investigation - I really love this car but thinking of upgrading to a Toyota Corolla hatchback 


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