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Diesel Purge on my 2009 1.4 tdci Fiesta

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Hi all,

I'm thinking of doing an injector clean/diesel purge and was after some advice.  First of all, the Liqui Moly says for 


Remedial use
Unclip the fuel pipe and immerse the end in the Diesel Purge. Close the fuel return pipe or feed that into the Diesel Purge. Start the engine and allow the engine to run at different speeds with the Diesel Purge unmixed. After the cleaning process, assemble the vehicle's system. In extreme cases, repeat the cleaning procedure if necessary.

Is it as easy as that? I also read that if there is a fuel pump in the fuel tank I'll need to take a fuse out or disconnect it.  Is there a fuel pump in the tank?  If not where is it located.  

Any advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance. 



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