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Hi folk's,long story of botched repair's by local garage on my 2010 TDi,found a great Ford trained mechanic who sorted out constant warning light's still coming

on after a new EGR was fitted by previous garage,some pipe work replaced the DPF fluid tank was empty(despite two full services since I bought the vehicle) and

the ECU re-set,the car drives beautifully now however there's a definite flat spot in all gears at 17/1800 revs in 5th gear you can get the car to shudder until you

push on then she'll fly but in 2nd she'll almost stall,wondered if anyone has experienced anything like this it was noted by the mechanic more than normal play on

the turbo shaft but this was an advisory on the previous owners service way back in 2016,this flat spot only appeared after the first garage fitted the original EGR.

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46 minutes ago, pragmatix said:

What engine?

Hi Pragmatix it's the 1.6 TDI showing 75,000 miles,I know it doesn't do a lot of miles only 10,000 since August 2019 when I bought it( this hasn't

helped the dpf issue) but it had a forced re-gen last week as part of the work carried out.

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