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2019 Kuga auto start stop not working

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Evening all, picked up the Kuga in the week but can’t get the start stop to work. I’m used to the system on my BMW so not a novice with it. On the display when the u come to a stand the @ comes up with a line through and it’s out of gear foot off the clutch but the engine doesn’t cut out, the question is do u need the brake pedal depressed or should it work without? In the BMW u don’t need the brake pressed. 
also if during the journey I’ve pressed the @ button and turned it off do I need to turn the engine off again to cancel it, I’ve pressed the button so it’s turned back on but I’m clutching at straws for the reason. 
thanks in advance. 

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Not enough charge in the battery. Day to day mines doesn’t work but if I go to visit the family about 170 miles away, it works again. Ford have a really stupid charging system that barely put enough in the battery then stops charging until needed again, to get more mpg out the car. 

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