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Converting MK8 Zetec to an ST/ST-Line?

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Hello all,

I quite like the look of the ST-Line's exterior and would like to replicate that on my own car if possible.

I have a Race-Red, 2017, MK8 Ford Fiesta Zetec (The N/A version sadly) and I'm from the UK.

I am not a fan of the MK8 Zetec's front bumper and would like to replace it with an ST-Line version however is this actually possible?

By the looks of it, the holes for lights and mounting points seem to be similar (from online images).

Essentially, I was wondering whether it is possible to convert the front bumper of my MK8 Zetec to an ST-Line/ST front bumper.

There's no point in spending lots of money on bumpers if it turns out they don't fit so I may as well ask the experts on forums such as these first.

Thanks in advance!





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Afaik the front bumpers would be a direct replacement. As Dave mentions, the rears seem to be the same apart from the rear valence and diffuser.

As you say, fair amount of work/expense involved unless you are lucky enough to find a pristine bumper in the right colour complete with fogs and grille. A lot of people simply don't like the bright elements in the Zetec grille. If that's the case a cheaper/easier option might be to source a black grille from an Active which has the same basic front bumper. Or just spray the existing grille satin black.




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