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Interior transportation

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Serious question

has anyone done this? I’ve bought a new interior and need to collect it- if I remove the rear seat completely before I travel do you think ide get the front and rear seats in mt 3 door mk7.5?

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It'll be tight. If you want to be extra certain then remove the passenger seat before you set off too, then it's only the drivers seat you need to worry about squeezing in.

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9 hours ago, Lewie226 said:

Thanks my brother has a Galaxy I think I’ll try to borrow that


Make sure you're insured.

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27 minutes ago, Luke4efc said:

Insuring your own car fully comp doesn't necessarily mean you can drive other people's cars, it's a special term that varies by insurer.

Yes, good point. And where it is offered it's usually restricted to TPO so if you damage the car you're borrowing it's down to you.

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