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Body control module

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My car has come up with the code u1040 connection lost body control module I’ve checked the fuse boxes is there anything else I can check my car is a 2007 focus 1.8 tdci climate checked with Ford dealership and they tell me £600 for a new bcm and £215 to reprogramme to the car 

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the BCM is under the glove box, u see from the floor mat looking up, Its the white thing with all the fuses and shed loads of wires.....   Don't play with the battery connected !

water leaking on to it from a blocked screen drain (leaves) and or leaking coolant from the heater matrix is quite common

you can try and grab copies of the configuration before its totally dead and replace at home .... using a 20quid cable of ebay and a russian software package

if you take a look the part number is on the edge and you can look on fleabay 80 to 100 quid....    a code doesn't have to mean it toast....


there's a few posts this year on how to replace it.... GEM is the ford name (search with google)


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