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You haven't said what engine you have.

I'm assuming you mean the EGR valve, not 'ERG value' lol. People do remove them and fit a blanking plate, but it can cause more issues than you're fixing as the ECU get's confused.

Technically it's an MOT fail, but if you're mechanic is going to blank it off then he's not going to fail the car in a few months time because of it.

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Haha yes egr. He said he'd remove and then remap the computer so it shows no errors. In Ireland the mechanic doesn't mot car have to bring it to a nct center for them to test would love the mechanic to do it easy pass then.

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I have just blanked my focus 1.6 tdci. Mainly after reading up on the benefits. I can report that all turbo lag is now gone on the 2nd and 3rd gears. Well impressed. 

However, I squirted some soapy water on both connections to the Egr valve, to see if they were any exhaust leaks. The connection around where the plate was inserted did have a small leak. I cant smell any exhaust in the cab. 

Is this something I should be concerned about now the valve is plated off?

I was thinking of adding a small amount of exhaust sealing paste around the join. Or was maybe hoping it will carbon up a little and do the work for me.

Any advice appreciated thanks...

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