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Fiesta boot space dimension

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Hi all

Can someone please help me out and provide me with dimensions of a 5 dr Ford Fiesta 2017 or newer boot space (with rear seats folded down). I am considering purchasing one but need to know if it will fit work equipment in. Knowing the dimensions of boot space with rear seats folded, i.e. length, width and height would really help me. Like the highlighted measurements on here. Thanks in advance.



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Hi Bailey,

So I'm taking it you mean the current Fiesta, the mk8? If so I just had a go at measuring mine... which showed that the highlighted dimensions could vary somewhat depending exactly at what points you measure, etc.

Anyway my pedantry aside 🙄...these are the numbers I got:

Tailgate opening width 95cm to 101cm

Boot length, seats folded, 132cm (measured from interior trim by boot catch to back of front seat)

Interior height 74cm - this is prob the most variable measurement. That was from the folded rear seat back to the headlining but the rear seats don't fold flat and the headlining has all sorts of contours. You might gain another few cm by folding the rear seat cushion or taking it out but I didn't try that...

I didn't measure the height of the boot opening, I've realised. 

I hope that makes some kind of sense....🤓

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