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Air Intake pipe not connected

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Hi, I’m thinking of purchasing a Fiesta mrk 6 2008 1.4 style off a family member this week. Currently on 120k, drives very nice, gears are nice and smooth. Just a quick question, the warning light for the engine management is on, which I was told is just a sensor. I looked under the bonnet today and saw that the air intake pipe wasn’t connected to the cam cover (presuming the clips have snapped) and wouldn’t stay in. So, if this has been disconnected for a long time, can it cause any issues/be a reason for me not to purchase the car? And would this also be a reason for the warning light, resulting in a random code being thrown on claiming it’s one of the sensors? 

Many thanks


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It depends what the code is. An ABS sensor isn't related to the intake.

If the intake pipe isn't connected properly causing an 'in' leak, then that's enough to throw off the maf sensor and trigger the code.

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Are we taking about the pipe that roughly speaking goes from the radiator grill vents to the air box inlet.  If so this os v-low pressure and I doubt would be a massive issue, not like a problem on the vacum side.

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