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Ok so basically first attempt I tried to put 2016 into 2011 not compatible! 
so I have now reverted to old fascia and led but still have head unit which has correct plugs ,2009 to 12 different rear fitting 

so led lights up ,fascia lights up and you can scroll through menu , but no radio or sound connection !,,

any ideas much appreciated cheers 

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2 hours ago, Colin Tipton said:

2009 to 12 different rear fitting 

What does this mean?

Also it's much easier if you keep this all in one topic rather than creating a new one every time you have a question.

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facelift and pre- facelift components cannot be mixed (possibly the screen can) 

The connections on the fascia and in the head unit are different on both fiesta version so without a massive rewire  it will not work/fit

If the head units producing no sound and it’s connected up correctly maybe it’s faulty

A picture of the components would probable help 

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