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Repair Costs question

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My Fiesta 2009 Mk7 needs a bunch of work doing, my local garage, who are normally reliable have quoted, and I just want to know if the prices seem ok.

Full exhaust inc CAT £587

Timing Belt £315

Front Discs and pads £150

New Front Wheels & Economy Tyres £276

Anywhere I could be making savings?

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Sounds about right if the timing belt change includes a new water pump. You didn't say what engine you have so can't say if it's driven from timing belt or not.

8 minutes ago, mitchino said:

Anywhere I could be making savings?

Doing the work yourself...

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Even in USA, these prices sound normal or average. The saving start by dividing up the repairs, Most important first, then work your way down the list. I'd start with the timing belt/chain, then move on to front disk brakes & pads leave the catback for last.

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55 minutes ago, mitchino said:

It's a 1.25

But is the timing belt included in the price? The water pump isn't timing belt driven, but you have to remove the timing belt in order to remove the water pump. Therefore makes sense to change them both at the same time.

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