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Hi everyone, new here and am looking at buying a fiesta for my 1st car. 

My budget is £3500 and I do want auto. I've passed a manual test but just can't be bothered with manual, I know some people won't agree with that but each to their own.

From a quick search I could potentially get a Mk7 1.4 zetec in Auto on budget. 

Is this a good option? 

What are your thoughts? 



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Hi Bobr, 

I'm not fussy on year specifically, unless there's any I should avoid? 

I'd like to go as new as possible that fits my budget ideally whilst keeping the miles less to 70k if at all possible? Maybe a 2010/2011? 

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Yes, Iirc the only auto available back then (2010/11) was a 4 speed on a 1.4 petrol, so if you want an auto Fiesta that's it. Performance was also fairly pedestrian, as I recall, as this excerpt from an old road test seems to confirm:

Week at the Wheel: Ford Fiesta 1.4 automatic
The Ford Fiesta has impressed us much, but does an automatic gearbox suit the brilliant supermini?

<< earlier review     later review >>

Reviews homepage -> Ford reviews
| Week at the Wheel | Ford Fiesta 1.4 automatic |

Inside & Out: star star star star star

It's business as usual for the latest Fiesta. The only change for the 1.4 Zetec is the addition of a self-shifter, so there's still the same generous amount of space in the front, reasonable rear passenger room and a decent boot.

All-round visibility is excellent and the Fiesta's compact size makes it simple to park. Solid build quality and clear instruments and controls are also part of the mix, and the exterior still looks fresh as it approaches its second year the showroom.

Engine & Transmission: star star star star star

The rest of the Fiesta might be up to the model's usual standards, but unfortunately the automatic gearbox undoes all of Ford's good work in an instant. Our test car's transmission was jerky and clunky off the line and even the most gentle of throttle inputs sends the car surging forward, which makes delicate parking shuffles trickier than they should be.

It's a shame, as the 1.4-litre petrol engine does a fine job. It's refined, it revs sweetly and the 95bhp available makes it zesty at all speeds. However, the gearbox has only four ratios so the engine has to work hard to bring the car up to speed, and becomes noisy as a result.

Ride & Handling: star star star star star

Like every other model in the range, the Fiesta's balance of comfort and control is superb. It glides over broken roads and there's little that upsets it.

There's just the right amount of grip to make it safe and secure during normal driving. Press on and the tyres give up traction in a progressive fashion that allows keener drivers exploit every last degree of grip. The electrically assisted power steering is full of all the right signals and sensations and there's little in the way of wind or road noise.

Equipment, Economy & Value for Money: star star star star star

The Fiesta tips the financial scales at more than £15,000 in automatic guise - which is a £1,000 extra. At this end of the market, that's just too expensive. Yes, you get air conditioning, alloy wheels, electric front windows, a good stereo and twin front and side airbags, but ESP and an alarm should also be standard rather than languishing on the options list.

Of course, Ford is always up for a deal, so never buckle and pay the full list price - we came across an identical model from an internet broker for £11,400 - that's a saving of £4,045, which is much more like it.

Sadly, we found the claimed combined economy of 43.4mpg impossible to match in normal daily driving. This is exacerbated by the small 42-litre fuel tank, so be prepared for all too regular fuel stops.

Overall: star star star star star

As much as it pains us to dole out a poor score to the usually brilliant Fiesta, we have no choice in this case. The driving experience that delights us in the manual is undermined by the clumsy actions of the four-speed automatic transmission. Cost is another downside, as is the poor real world fuel economy. It's still a great car, but this Fiesta is spoiled by those significant flaws.
Alisdair Suttie - 3 Jun 2010
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  www.ford.co.uk    - Ford road tests
- Ford news
- Fiesta images
2010 Ford Fiesta specifications: (1.4 Zetec five-door automatic)
Price: £15,445 on-the-road (£1,000 less for manual model).
0-62mph: 13.9 seconds
Top speed: 103mph
Combined economy: 43.4mpg
Emissions: 154g/km
Kerb weight: 1114kg

Full technical specifications

2010 Ford Fiesta. Image by Ford. 2010 Ford Fiesta. Image by Ford. 2010 Ford Fiesta. Image by Ford. 2010 Ford Fiesta. Image by Ford. 2010 Ford Fiesta. Image by Ford.
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Thanks for the reply Eric, 

I had seen that review previously.... Unfortunately lol. 

There's conflicting information from what I've seen. Some says it's fine. Some says it's not the best. And obviously I have no idea either way. 

Hoping someone with direct experience may see this thread and chip in with some info. 


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I currently have a 2011 Fiesta 1.4 Titanium automatic which I have had for close on 4 years now.

I absolutely love it.

The whole driving experience is great.

The decision to go auto was because of arthritis in my knees and this car has changed my life.

From what I read this Mk7 model, up until 2012, is the best auto box. From 2012 to 2017 they changed it for Powershift which had all sorts of problems including huge court cases. After 2017 they made modifications which seem to have it sorted now.

Unfortunately I am in the process of trading it in for another make altogether as I need something newer and can't find a Ford within my budget that doesn't have some of the new-tech features that I hate.

Anyway, that's another story .... Mk7 up until 2012 is a great auto box, in my opinion.

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Hi offthewall, 


Thank you for the comment, that's exactly what I wanted to hear to be honest. Good to hear an honest opinion from someone in the know. 


I shall continue to look around for info but your post has been really helpful. 

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What I can add to this is the fact that the majority of reviewers seem to have NO interest in automatics!

In general they treat car reviews like Top Gear. They tend to come at everything from the sporty performance point of view so pan the autos.

Most of us auto drivers have a reason for using them and quite often the fall in MPG is worth it for the comfort and ease of driving experience.

Until I actually got an auto I hadn't realised that the best use of them is in town on heavy traffic journeys!

Good lick and keep us posted. Any other info just ask.

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Cheers mate thank you. 


That's the thing, I'm not bothered about tazzing about and all that stuff. I just want a nice easy life on the roads. Where I did my lessons was on a busy route into a city, constant slow moving traffic every morning and evening and I just can't be bothered with the clutch. 

I know the auto will be a tamer driver etc and that's fine by me. I'm all for an easy life lol. 


Will keep this updated on what I go for, but 99% sold on a 10 plate auto. 

Thanks again. 

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