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Parasitic drain on a 2006 1.25 Fiesta

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Hi all, my partner has unfortunaltey been plagued by a parasitic drain on her 2006 Fiesta. So far ive done as much as remove each fuse and relay one by one and test the battery drain each time. Unfortunatley there was no obvious results using this method. She has a black box plugged in for insurance purposes as this is her first year driving, I tested the drain with the box plugged in and it tested at 0.91mA and with the box unplugged it was sitting at 0.60mA. I was wondering if 0.60mA was an acceptibale drain for a car this age, from what I can tell its a base model so no fancy extras but it does have an Aux cable which I was surpirsed about so I was wondering if this was standard. Has anyone experianced issues with the fuse boxes on these because I was going to disconnect it to see if it drops significantly however I never reliased they were wired in as opposed to connected via multiplugs. 


Thanks in advance. 

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Presumably those are readings with everything switched off.  How did you get them, did you put a multimeter set to amps in series with the +ve leg of the battery?  To be honest, I don't know what current draw should be expected but even 0.91 of a 1/1000 of an amp seems very, very, low to me.  Anyone know what might be expected as a matter of interest?  On any car even?

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