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Help regarding a garage not doing a proper job

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Hey guys

Bought 4 pilot sport 4 tyres on blackcircles

One of my tyres ended up on 4 ps i and is now damaged internally

Went back to the garage and they said they didnt fit new valves as blackcircles do not offer this for the special type the st uses however on the website shows as new valves for every new tyre

The garage said will now need to buy a new tyre

Surely this is wrong having to pay for something they should of mentioned or have given the option for new valves to avoid this

Please help

Should this be passed onto the trading standards or who

Thank you

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Do you use Twitter? I’d tweet Blackcircles as your contract is with them. Twitter can be a great tool to resolve poor customer service.

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Thank you andy will do

The vehicle was driven at night so wouldnt of seen the low pressure

Assumed a garage would do the job properly

Speaking to them now about a free tyre as they didnt do the job properly

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Correct legal way is to write to them (email will do)

State that you are unhappy with work  and for what reason. 

You were trusting them as a reputable company to exercise due diligence.

Give them a reasonable length of time to rectify. And specify final date.

State you will get a 2nd opinion on the work they have carried out  which must be in a written report, detailing errors and cost to put right

This will inevitably lead to small claims court proceedings, but I doubt they will want that, but they may see if you go that far, before they back down.

If you can prove to small claims you have given them a chance to put things right as per above procedure, you should be succesful.

But in most cases an amicable approach is always best approach first.



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What are they supposed to have done wrong surely at 4psi there must have been a puncture and it must have been run on flat to damage the tyre. By law the driver is responsible for checking tyre pressures. I've always found that new tyres are more prone to punctures than old tyres because the extra tread tends to hold nails and glass.

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In fairness, the ST tyres are so low profile and have such stiff sidewalls (Xtra Load) that you can drive on a flat without it being too noticeable.  The slight difference could be assumed as the new tyres needing to bed in.

However, it is still the drivers responsibility to check them.  And if you have TPMS sensor valves, you'll find they aren't routinely changed with the tyres due to costs.  Legally I'm not sure you've got any comeback.  You didn't state that they were TPMS sensors in the thread.

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Agreed and lesson learnt guys they are replacing the tyre for free

Yes it is the owners responsibility and regardless knew nothing about the valves not being done they should have offered or at least mention they were not done

Thank you though everyone for the responses lesson learnt

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