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Mk6 tilt handle


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If you type :"ford fiesta seat tilt handle" into a well known on line auction site you will get a few hits..... or go to your Ford Dealer !!!!!!!

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I have bought the replacement handles but having trouble getting them out pushing the 2 prongs but don't seem to want to come out.

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Apologies, I had the wrong specs on- good job I was not driving !

Below is the text from the ZSOC Forum, credit to BOCO RED ZS

You will need:

a. a couple of flat ended screwdrivers with fairly blunt ends (ie to not cut fabric).

b. a torx screw bit to fit the screws in the rear of the seat.

c. a torx screw bit to fit the two bolts which hold the internal latch in place.

1. Using the screwdrivers, gently remove the plastic fascia which covers the top of the rocking release mechanism. It is just clipped on!

2. This will expose the rocking release mechanism and its surround. 3. If your seat is not 'locked on' then ignore

3. If your seat is 'locked on' then apply gentle pressure to the SIDE of the rocking release BETWEEN the mechanism and its surround. Lifting the rocking release mechanism will then expose the inside of the device. You should then be able to hook & pull up a plastic rod with a piece of string or similar and the seat will 'unlock' and tilt forward.

4. Now remove the torx bolts which attach the seat to the car floor and move it to the back of the car, face down for ease of working.

5. The fabric in the area of the latch now has to be gently removed.

6. Gently pull the fabric near the latch mechanism out of the groove which surrounds the seat back. THIS IS NOT EASY as it is held in place by a spring around the perimeter of the fabric. As you pull it starts to slip back again, so use a flat bladed screwdriver to help stop it slipping back into the groove whilst you renew your grip. Its a bit like removing the inner tube from a bicycle

7. Your aim is to only remove enough of the fabric from the groove to give limited access to the two torx screws which hold the mechanism in the seat. Don't do any more than you have to, and certainly don't go round the top of the seat. Six inches is plenty!

8. With care, the heads of the two torx bolts will now be visible and the fabric will remain intact. After undoing the two torx bolts you can carefully remove the mechanism from the top of the seat.

9. Now feed in the new mechanism from the top of the seat and fix in place using the two torx bolts. Try not to trap the fabric between the top of the seat and the new fitting.

10. You did watch how the fabric 'spring' fitted in the groove in the back of the seat didn't you? Well now is the time to refit it and smooth it down. This is easier if you have only pulled out a small length!

11. Now refit the seat to the floor and tighten the torx bolts.

12. Carefully lock the seat in place.

13. Now check that the seat locks back firmly and correctly! Then fit the plastic fascia to the top of the seat.

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