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Strange issue with Fiesta gears and/or Clutch


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Hi everyone,


Over the last few weeks or so I've been having a really strange issue with my 2015 Titanium Fiesta.


After driving for a certain amount of time (it's completely random) it'll get harder and harder for me to change gears on my fiesta, before it gets to the point where it's literally impossible for me to put it in gear. If I'm stationary and i'm in gear and this happens, it feels like the clutch isn't engaging at all as I can still feel it biting a little bit. 

The strangest thing about this is that if I park the car, turn the engine off and most importantly open one of the doors and wait about 15 seconds, it fixes it. The gears suddenly become really smooth and the problem with the clutch is gone. 

i've noticed it only really seems to happen when i'm in situations where i have to change gears occasionally, like if I'm in traffic. 

Anyone have any ideas?

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