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Sudden loss of acceleration during a drive

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I experienced something strange today while driving my Ford Fiesta 2010 car. I had barely driven 10 kms from home when the car suddenly lost acceleration on all gears, even though the pedal was floored. It was moving at a very slow pace, like in 1st gear, without the power or strain of the low gear. This behaviour was experienced on all gears, where the vehicle would initially accelerate for about 5-10 seconds and revert back to the low speed. The display on the dashboard also blanked out. I drove like this for about 10-15 minutes, trying to get it to a safer place where I could stop it. During this time, I restarted it to check if that would resolve the problem, but it did not. After driving for about 10 minutes like this, when I shifted to a higher gear, it accelerated a bit, slowed down once again as previous, but soon picked up once again and returned to normalcy. The display came up again and the speed improved and began to pull on all gears as normal. 

I did not understand why this happened and have never experienced this behaviour in the past. If anyone can explain what could have gone wrong, I will be greatly obliged. I am writing from india and would be happy if anyone could share any insights on what may have gone wrong.

Looking forward to hearing from you

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