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2015 1.6TDCI Transit - Possible DPF/Turbo/Injector issue? - loss of power above 3k revs + 'Service Now' message


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Hey guys! 

I tried my best to find a problem like mine but I couldn't manage I'm sorry if this has been asked before!

I bought a 2015 Transit Connect 1.6 TDCI (75ps) a few months ago.

Recently with the past few weeks, once in every twenty trips my van would go down in power, it was very spontaneous and I couldn't replicate it, so like any responsible Ford owner I decided to let it get worse!

A few days ago I had to haul a couple of ladders and a few bags of cement for work. I wasn't overloading the van, but it was considerably more weight than I usually carry, since then the problem has got worse.

It has since gotten considerably worse actually!

1st and 2nd gear through the rev range is perfect no loss of power. But once I get some bit of speed going to get into third gear, once I go past 3000 revs in 3rd gear then the 'Sevice Now' message appears on the dash + an orange 'i' surrounded by an orange box also appears. And with this message the power decreases considerably, even at WOT. 

There was a noticeable smell coming from the front of the van this morning, I'm no expert but it smells slightly like burnt clutch? Which is really confusing me!

Also there is a slight whistle when going above 3k revs if it lets me. Which is why I suspect the turbo is going..

Could be DPF maybe? I'm often taking very short trips and live pretty far away from any motorway and the covid lockdown has put an end to blasting up the motorway at 4k revs to clear it out!

Any ideas? I'm completely stumped I'm sorry if this is an obvious problem I've had bikes for years and haven't much of a head for tinkering with cars/vans!

Thank you so much for your help it would be great if you guys could narrow it down for me or point me in the right direction!





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