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MK7.5 Ecoboost heavy clutch

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Hi all

After pondering getting a new car for ages I finally went out and test drove a 2015 123bhp Ecoboost Titanium X Fiesta yesterday. It was really nice to drive. The steering and engine felt really nice but the gearbox and clutch were completely different to my 2008 Mk2.5 Focus 1.8 petrol. The clutch seemed to have so little travel between foot completely off it and flat to the ground and felt very heavy to me compared to my Focus. The gearbox was also quite notchy compared to my Focus but this could be down to the fact that the clutch was so heavy to me that I probably wasn't pressing it all the way down to change gear. It had some lovely pull from low down once you got the hang of it though. After the test drive I was revving the nuts off the Focus as everything felt so light compared to that Fiesta.

Is it normal for the clutch to be so heavy? I told the salesman that I didn't want it as it just didn't feel right to me but now I'm not so sure if that was a mistake as if they're all like that I could probably learn to get on with it. I don't want to buy it and a month later Shell out £500 odd for a new clutch.


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The clutches are usually really light on the 1.0EB, too light if anything!  Sounds like there was probably something wrong with that one.

The gearbox is the IB5 on the Fiesta which is a pretty dated box and will feel a bit notchy/clunky compared to yours.  Also no synchro on reverse which is annoying if you're as impatient as I am lol.

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Yeah, I agree with Tom. Driven loads of Fiestas over the years and can't recall a particularly heavy feeling clutch. Very short travel doesn't sound right either.

Good thing is, having been a best seller for years, there are loads out there to look at!😀

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Thanks for the replies. Sounds like it could be problematic so I'll steer clear. It was a nice car as well which is a shame but as I was sitting in it I did think I don't need all these gadgets so maybe I'll look for a Zetec or possibly a Zetec-S/ST-Line as I like the looks of those.

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