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Ford Focus 2011 Climate Control

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Hi all. The climate control in my 2011 Ford Focus (pictured) is behaving a little erratically and I have been told a reset may put it right. Does anybody know how?



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I'm having similar problems. At the end of May I bought a Mk3 Titanium X (2013) from a car trader. The display is the same as yours but mine never displays Mono. This issue is reported under another thread and the solution is to press and hold Auto until both temperature readings are the same. (You have to adjust the temperature displayed on one side so it is slightly higher or lower than its opposite to observe this change from Auto to Mono) Furthermore, I tried the aircon in the recent hot weather and it was blowing out warm. I also noticed the directional control for the footwell blower did not react. The only way I could to get the footwell blower to work is to select the footwell/down button then stop and restart the engine. For the faulty aircon, I took it back to the Trader and they had it re-gassed under the 3 month warranty. No problem there, aircon is now nice and cold, but the footwell blower is still faulty. I had a look for solutions online with no luck. Having messed around with the directional buttons today, the footwell blower will eventually work - after selecting all 3 directions then randomly selecting and deselecting all three then turning off Windscreen, turning off Cabin and leaving it on footwell. It's wierd and annoying. I need the car these next few weeks but I'm thinking of taking it back to the Trader (50 mile round trip) for them to sort it with an auto-electrician. Has anyone had any similar issues? Or can you suggest anything?

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