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Is this air in the coolant


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I have a 2007  1.25 Fiesta Zetec.

There is a sloshing behind the dash like water flowing when i start it.

The coolant is going down but no sign of leak or bubbles in the coolant/gunk in the oil or white smoke from the exhaust.

When the engine is running the level goes down but there is coolant flowing back into the expansion tank from a hose that is at the top  right hand side of the expansion tank as you look at it. Is that normal? Could this be caused by air in the coolant system? I have read online if there is air there is a leak but I see no leak.

And from today i noticed the blower is hot air even when set to cool

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Are you loosing coolant when  checked cold? I think I remember hearing something similar on, not sure if it was on my present fiesta or my last one underneath the passenger  side dash.No wet carpets though. I think I also remember coolant flowing in to the small diameter pipe at the top of the expansion tank  when running so I believe it must be ok. Another issue I had one day unfortunately in heavy traffic, the engine started steaming and I could not pull over. I never thought to put on the fan full blast with the heater on........anyway it turned out I had some cracked/split pipes on the thermostat housing underneath the plastic inlet manifold (flipping plastics used in vehicles...eh) . ..............Of course all this rambling is no good to you, sorry LOL!

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Hi There, Look at the expansion bottle at the side you should see 2 lines marked "MIN" and "MAX".

Make sure coolant not below MIN then when you have drive for 10 to 15min, then check level of

coolant. you will see coolant coming out of top pipe, The level will have risen due to coolant becoming

very hot (DO NOT OPEN CAP).Leave car standing until engine cold and check level again will be back to

original level.


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Thanks both

Yes i seem to lose a little coolant when the engine is cold. I don't know where it goes, none on the ground no sign of head gasket problems

"you will see coolant coming out of top pipe, " thanks for clarifying

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Don't see a way to way my last post

strange thing it was down about 10mm yesterday cold. Didn't top up. Today cold it is back at the mark. Must be in the system somewhere

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