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First I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Dave from Somerset, nearing 30 🤔

ive recently purchased a 2014 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI 115 EDGE 

now the problem is, I have use of my normal lights, but when I try to use full beam they don’t come on, however the blue light symbol appears on dash. 

ive used the manual to determine the fuse and location of the fuse box, checked the designated fuse for main beams (because there isn’t a fuse for full beams according to the manual) main beams is located under #74 15a, when I looked it didn’t seem to have blown, so I replaced all 4 bulbs related to headlights (H1 for full beam and H7 for main beam) however to my disappointment no joy.

im wondering if I’ve missed something, if it’s not the fuse and not the bulbs I have no idea. Il also add the when I removed the #74 15a fuse the normal lights remained on, this added even more confusion also. I have zero knowledge passed the basics.

Any advice would be deeply appreciated. Thank you 👍


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Howdo.  Main means the same as full, no idea about your issue sorry but hello.  Worth swapping the main beam fuse as sometimes you can't see if it is broke.

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