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Mk6 Fiesta Power Folding Mirrors

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I've just recently picked up a Ford Fusion - Zetec (2008) and have really enjoyed reading the posts on here and watching the videos of Fiesta modding.

This is my first post so go easy on me...

With the crossover in both the Mk6 and the Fusion, I've been taking a lot of inspiration of what can be done from you guys (with this being a more active sub too) and I would really like to add power fold mirrors to my Fusion as a first step. I see many who have done this with their Fiesta STs and the like successfully, as retrofits.

So, I hope you don't mind me asking here about the process...

I have taken out the switch cover on the drivers side of the car and I have a grey plug up to the mirror, so I would presume I have the right loom in place for it - what I believe the mk6 has.

Mine are already controlled by a joystick but it seems like there is a lot of cabling to the mirror and I wonder if I already have the folding ones fitted but not activated. Is there a way of counting the cables to know?

I've bought a forscan compatible USB / ELM cable and watched a guy online enable it using the software, I have some experience of VAGCOM from playing with VW's so confident with doing this myself if I need to = However, I saw a video online of someone just adding the switch and then it worked for him.

It looks to me like the mirrors between the Fusion and the Mk6 Fiesta are exactly the same, is there anywhere I can cross reference part codes to double check before buying? I'm looking to buy from a well known auction site.


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Honestly, there's just a lot of cabling anyway. Best bet is to go with what the seller is saying. Chances are these guys sell parts often so would know what they've got. As for the connector? It's not something I've looked into, but, if my experience with PCs are anything to go by, the connector may physically be there, but that doesn't mean it's wired up as such. I'm not entirely sure how you could tell, though you could always buy the adjustment switch for powerfolds and enable the feature and see what happens seeing as you've already purchased the OBD ELM device.


In regards to the video of someone adding the switch. It's a bit of a lucky dip from what I hear, much like the fog light wiring. It's either already done, or it isn't. Powerfolding wasn't enabled on mine.


As for the Fusion? Having looked at some options and looking closely, there does appear to be a difference. Mainly in the plastics towards the front of the car, but the connectors also appear to differ as well.

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