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Does anyone have a Brodit Phoner Holder on the A pillar? 2013 Fiesta MK7


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I'm looking at getting a Brodit phone holder:


But I'm struggling to picture how my Samsung S9 phone will fit, and if it will be viable to get it in/out of the holder

If anyone already has this setup, I'd much appreciate any comments/pictures before I potentially waste ~£40 on something that won't fit properly




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I had one but for a Garmin Sat nav so it just clipped onto the front plate, it sits quite low so a phone should slot in,

I also had one for a phone to the left of the heater controls which worked well for me, I bought a similar one in my Mk 8 (the window pillar one won't fit on that)

You will also need another part to hold the phone (another £17) - either for your model or universal which has adjustable holder.

They are very good though.


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I decided against the A pillar as while it is in a good position to view the phone, I thought if I was in traffic with the window down, some clown on a bike/moped might grab it. Also I didn't want a charging wire to go around the steering wheel. I got the brodit one that fits at the bottom of the radio/dash in the end with a magnet attached.

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