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Steering knock at low speed - removing the sterring shaft


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Fiesta 1.25 2004 90,000 miles

I have been reading through the many posts about steering knock noises.

My symptoms are I hear a slight knock when I have the engine running and get this both when the car is stationery and also when moving and turning at very low speed.

When the car is stationery and I turn the wheel to the left and to the right I can hear a knock. I am thinking it may be the common problem of the interior steering shaft needing greasing but I can not feel the knock when holding the shaft and turning at the same time so am a bit puzzled. I can remove the lower u/j bolt at the bottom of the foot well, but can not see where to undo at the top (steering wheel end) see photos. Any ideas?

I have also got someone to turn the steering wheel while I have felt along the wheels and tie rods. I can feel the knocking through all of these but can isolate it. It also feels the same on both sides (wheels and tie rods). I guess the noise is travelling but I can't find the source.

Also, just to add, we had a more severe steering noise and power steering fluid leak a few months ago and the steering rack was replaced by a garage which made things a lot better, but now we are getting this slight knock more.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



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