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I know it's a common problem, one of my mirrors doesn't fold completely in but stops half way and just clicks. Does anyone know if they can be repaired or does it mean a new mirror.

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Try this to reset the mirrors  :

1. Open the driver's window so that you can operate the mirror controls from outside the car.

2. Remove mirror control panel and disconnect the loom. Manually set the mirror all the way forward to the front of the car and then lock the car.

3. Plug the loom back in place, after which the mirror should fold all the way in.  Disconnect the loom again, and unlock the car, then fold the mirror all the way forward manually.

4.Lock the vehicle and reconnect the loom, this time the mirror should return to the normal open position.

5. Disconnect the loom once more, and unlock the vehicle.

6. Fold the mirror into the closed position manually, then reconnect the loom and lock the vehicle

When you now unlock the vehicle, the mirror should open to the correct position.


From Car Mechanics problem pages.  I have not tried it, but the symptoms from the originator sound similar.

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