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Ford Dealer Charged Me For A TSB Fix?

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Hi Guys,

I was recently made aware of a TSB fix that Ford had published in regards to the common rattling noise issue around the engine heating area (relating to faulty O rings).

The Technical service bulletin is No.19-2378 (see TSB document attached)

I have Ford Protect extended warranty on my vehicle but the dealer said the warranty doesn't cover O rings.

£114 for Diagnostic Check

£120 for Faulty O rings Replacement 

Total £234 

WTH? I feel like I have been stabbed in the back by Ford


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A TSB is supposed to help the dealer to find and fix a problem. It saves the dealer time in diagnosing the problem and trying to invent their own fix, when a fix has already been found.

It is not a safety recall or an indication that the fault would be covered by a warranty. The dealer is perfectly entitled to charge you to fix the problem if your warranty doesn't cover it. 


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Give Ford Customer Service a call and state your case. I guess you could argue that the original design has an issue that causes the noise, hence why there is a TSB to fix the annoying noise. So your car had a design issue for which their is a known fix. 

The dealer that has carried out the work needs to be paid one way or another. If you argue your case well, and you have a full dealer service history then that relationship may allow you to recoup some / all costs from Ford UK 

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As always you guys provide excellent advice.

I will firstly try to get a response from Ford Protect but if they fail to resolve the issue will contact Ford Cuatomer Services 

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That TSB is to fit 2 O rings not to replace any, did they replace some O rings on yours? If so it may have had the TSB done with a previous owner or on a service visit, if the O rings were worn, then by the wording in the warranty T&Cs the dealer is probably right. 

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