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S-Max wiper blade destroyer!


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Hi all, I hope you’re well. 

Has anyone else had their S-max destroy its own Wiper Blades? I’ve had my car for 9 months now, it’s 2017 plate, and just had the second time where I turn on the ignition and the Wiper Blades stutter for half a second and then overlap with each other and one of them gets ripped out the wiper arm whilst the plastic clips break. Luckily it’s just the plastic on the wiper blade that breaks, but it’s chuffing annoying to have to replace the blades again 

The first time it happened, I thought it was just bad luck or something I had done, but this second time was clearly a fault. 

So, has anyone else had anything like this happen?



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OK it may well just be my bad luck then. 

Yes, these are auto wipers. It happened both times when raining. I stopped the car and admittedly the wipers weren’t in their ‘parked’ position - I just parked and turned off the ignition and left the car quickly. I came back, turned on the ignition and that’s when the wipers did their overlap. It was really annoying watch it happen and then see a wiper blade snap off and get flung across the road, as the metal arm then scrapes across the screen!

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