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Windows, washer pump and mirror motor not working after battery disconnect

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I have a Focus mk2 1.6 Estate 2008 reg
The battery loast power after the alternator went.
I had disconnected the battery to charge overnight, but on reconnecting thw indows do not work at all, the washer pump doesn't work and the mirror adjustment motor is not working.
The alternator is now replaced but I'm still having the same issues with the above. They were all working fine before the battery was disconnected.
I've checked all the fuses.
Is there a reset procedure I need to take?

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Oh dear might be a nice way of putting it.

It sounds like your alternator may have cooked the BCM.

I know you have already had the battery off but do it again. Disconnect the battery and leave it off for 10 mins. While it is off turn the ignition to the 'On' position for a little while then turn it off. Re-connect the battery and cross fingers/toes and anything else. otherwise you are looking at probable module failures, starting with the BCM.

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Well, that didn't work 😞
Also just noticed I've no reverse light and no rear reverse sensors.

I wonder if jump starting it also possibly fried the body control module.
Not sure where I'd look now.

Had a friend say maybe a new battery would do the trick, or at least get  battery checked.

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8 hours ago, Dan62 said:

Check BJB fuse 12 (40A)

All power you have missing comes via above fuse and Ignition relay.

Sorry, what's BJB stand for?
Do you mean the green one in the engine fuse box?


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F12 is all good, however, it seems I have F25 missing.
I swapped out F22 (power steering to check) and sure enough everything works, have to go get a new fuse.
I don't remember taking it out to check, nor can find it around where I was working initially.

Big thanks for help, def led the way, good to know BJB fuses actually power the interior fuses too, how odd it's not in the manual (well maybe it's in the hieroglyphic wiring diagrams but I wouldn't know 🙂 )


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