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MK4 Focus. Strange manual gearbox issue

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I've just bought a 2019 Focus 1.5 ecoboost 182 bhp estate with a 6 speed manual gearbox and 14000 miles on the clock.

The issue I have is with the gearbox. Its lovely and smooth and no issues until I've driven the car for approx 30 mins at which point the gearbox starts to' clunk' as I change gear. Especially in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Still changes gear reasonably easily just not quite as smoothly.

If I park the car up and leave it to cool down the gear change goes back to normal again. 

Anybody had similar issues or any knowledge of what the problem may be ?

Thank you. New to this forum and Ford ownership.

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I have noticed a very minor "clunk" on mine when releasing the clutch, especially at low speeds and changing up at low revs but that may be because there is not much background noise so I hear it more.  No problems selecting gears and no other noticeable issues.  Not sure if the petrol and diesel engines got the same gearbox though.  I will try to see if it is more obvious with the engine cold or hot and let you know.

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