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unburnt fuel smell and loads of smoke

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hi all anybody suffering from a van basically undrivable cos of the amount of smoking  done injectors and turbo , smoke was black before i started now its white   any advise welcome ,CHEARS

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Hi Jeff,

Sorry you've not had a response as a new poster but it doesn't sound like a common fault. 

I wonder if the recon turbo wasn't setup properly.  Not sure if it's VNT or wastegate on these? 

If the rod has been set wrong and the turbo is spooling too early, it won't be able to provide enough boost at higher RPMs which could give an over-fuelling fault.  

I'd also suspect the cam/crank sensors which may knock the timing off if they're faulty.  Or potentially the MAF, though that should just default to mild overfuelling and a bit of black smoke.

Have you had any Ford specific diags done using Forscan or similar?

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I have forscan but don’t know what to look for really, am a complete newbie. My brother has worked for hours on it so fed up of asking him.  Pretty sure wastegate turbo also been pitching with injectors for ages did a leek back and all same but forsacan shows one is more than double the rest 

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