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MK4 Estate Rear Load Cover Not Locking in Place

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I wonder if anyone else has had this. The rear load cover/parcel shelf has a little latch that is pulled down when you pull a strap to remove it, only problem is the latch on mine isn't popping back up and so doesn't lock into place. I've had a look at it and the end cap on it is rivetted in place and looks non user serviceable. It's booked in as a warranty claim as it's only 8 months old but they can't get it in till July so was hoping there was a simple fix I could attempt myself. I don't want to be drilling rivets off so I'm not hopeful. It feels like some kind of retaining spring has broken/come off and I can't see a way to get at it without removing the aforementioned rivets.

It seems a pretty flimsy design for what is a simple thing. I've bodged it in with a piece of plastic holding it up for the time being.

I can put up a pic later if that helps.



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I can understand it's a faff to have to wait that long, especially for something quite trivial, but as the car is under warranty you'd be best advised to leave well alone as if you start messing with it they might well say you've voided the warranty on that part.

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Yeah, you're right. I'm not going to mess with it, I was just hoping someone else had had the same issue and knew a quick fix - long shot I know but I had to ask just in case.

Thanks for the response.



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