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Sync 3 issue


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Hi all

I’m having some issues updating sync 3.

I’m currently on version 2.3 

I’ve tried connecting to WiFi and updating, downloading from the web and putting on a usb (exfat and fat32) with no joy

any suggestions?

thanks in advance 

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Hi, I had this issue as well. I could not update from USB.   Your car is 2018, is it still under warranty?  If servicing done by Ford dealer, could ask them to update Synch 3 at same time.  Mine did, no charge. 

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Hi. As far as I can tell, my update to my 67 plate Jan 2918 Galaxy Titanium 1.9 diesel automatic went perfectly (but slowly) and everything worked fine for many months. December 2022, the Infotainment screen went blank. I'd just made a phone call to a bluetooth synched Android phone on my driveway. I did the recommended reset - no effect. This week, I had a very experienced, fully qualified, long experienced, Ford approved car electronics specialist look at it. He plugged in his computer and ran all the diagnostic tests. apparently, 'No problem'! He'll do some research and get back to me. The car drives OK. The sensors for bollards etc beep fine. The dashboard shows everything it needs to but radio controls etc do nothing and don't work. We use our phones fixed above the dash with a Quadlock mounting post and Google Maps for directions because it is so good nowadays that we don't need the built-in SatNav - it also means we don't take our eyes off the road to look down and to the left at the FDIM. apart from, no raido, WE DON'T HAVE PARKING REVERSING CAMERAS which affects my wife who is less flexible and smaller than me. I have found a Ford pdf about SYNC3 Intrermittent Blank Screen GSB V1.0 but it wants me to get WSM Section 415-500 which I can only find for a 2009 Mustang and does not match what my document wants. Any ideas?

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