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Ford Focus titanium 1.6 Diesel

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Evening, I’m new to this forum. I’m a Apprentice PSV Mechanic, but I have a few projects, Cars, Buses, bikes ect. 

I bought a Ford Focus Diesel 1.6, but it came with a loss of power fault. I have no access to my Computer. Due to lending it to our other garage. But I’ve looked around, Either turbo or Boost Sensor problem. That’s what I’ve found this morning. 

do you have any suggestions on my next port of call? As soon as I get my computer back. The car will be put straight onto it. In the mean time. Anything I can look out for? 


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These engines are not the best.

When you get your Laptop back download FORScan, which is free Download FORScan. For Ford cars It gives near dealer level Diagnostics including Data Logging plus some service Procedures and you can do a certain amount of Configuration and Programming  (an Extended Licence is required for Programming plus a suitable Adaptor).

When you get the results then post them in the Focus Forum because a lot of people do not look at the General Related Discussions Forum.


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