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Easyfuel locking plug or cap

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I am new to this forum - 2nd post! - and a month-long owner of 2017 Fiesta ST-line 125 navigation, 1.0 ecoboost engine, 66 plate which I think makes it a UK Mark 7.5 (though I can't follow the models confidently!)

Pleased with car, very good, but I have a question, a long shot!

I'm looking for a locking plug for Easyfuel.  I understand there are different opinions on why someone would want to lock a reasonably secure system (I've read the threads!), but I'm just hoping for some technical help.  My Easyfuel has a springloaded rubberised tab at the entrance which does not shut fully, just flaps back into place - an observer can see it's not fully closed.

Further down, a good 5cm+, is the easyfuel barrier, plastic on mine, which stops anything but a fuel nozzle/funnel.  I have seen similar Fiestas with a metal Easyfuel barrier almost at the entrance which appears far more secure.

I am not too concerned about fuel being siphoned off, but I am about vandalism, specifically should someone stick anything down the neck - the 5cm+ of fuel entrance before the hit my Easyfuel barrier, it might not go straight in (or it might drip through - who knows?) but it would be a major pain to get it out before fueling, and I think at least a little residue would be impossible to get out and would thus eventually end up in the tank and then the engine of my nice new (to me) car.  I work with young people I unfortunately have to annoy from time to time, and would rather not present the opportunity!

So!  I have spoken to Ford who are little to no help (not the call handlers, but their resources, so the company).

I have checked the usual UK suspects: Eurocarparts etc, and the internet...

I wonder if anyone has seen a locking plug that might fit - even if it was not originally manufactured for Ford.

I actually envisage like a metal barrel with a lock one end that would be almost the same diameter as the Easyfuel entrance, just fit in and lock, but I've not seen one!

I attach a pic of my Easyfuel cap, and also wondered if anyone has tried this:


...with any success?  When checking the fitment, my model Fiesta is not listed, but Fiestas of similar years are.

Any assistance/experience offered would be appreciated.

On a different note I am mulling over plans to improve my car further and - as with my last car - would like to do what I can myself, but I will do more reading of threads first to check I'm not doubling up, asking questions that have already been answered first.  There are quite a few!

Thanks in advance 🙂



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