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Cluster identifies petrol in diesel motor

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I have a Ford Figo 2011 tdci refusing to start. Only dtc saying "odometer changed" and the cluster identifies as petrol. Glow plug light present but not active at all on cluster. Wrong cluster? I heard it needs coding but unsure how to proceed. Any assistance?

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So I assume that the instrument cluster has been changed is the correct ?

Yes it will need to be programmed, you will need to use ForScan with the full licence and a modified ELM327 lead.

You need to hope that the mileage reading now is less than that of the original instrument cluster because the mileage can only be adjusted higher, you can't go backwards and you will need to set it correctly.

The PAT's security system is part of the instrument cluster and it won't be seeing the correct key code and therfore will not allow the vehicle to start.

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Bought as a non-runner and have no history on it. Just trying to get it to run, I am aware that the mileage can only be set one-way so i'm hoping for the best. If the mileage is MORE than the original i'll probably be looking at an agents cluster

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