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Parts and Fluids

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Hey,  I bought a 2005 Ford Focus ZX 4 SE. I’m wondering if the rotors and pads are the same in the front and back, I don’t wanna order two of the same and it be different.

also the  ABS light is on, wondering if new  pads and rotors will help that. Or if it’s a simple fuse fix. 

also, going to do a change of all fluids and wondering if someone is able to help me what the types are that I will need to purchase. 

Also wondering where the bleeder valve is for the power steering, and the clutch. 

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Hello Haylee, that's quite a few questions 😀

The brake discs (rotors for the americans) are not the same for the front and back.

Changing the discs and pads well help the brakes but won't fix the ABS light. You need to connect up to the OBD port with a laptop and use ForScan to get the DTC which will then tell you what the fault is.

A full list of all fluids is in the owner handbook which you can download from Ford if you don't have one. On the UK models and probably for most other contries the correct Brake Fluid and Clutch Fluid is marked on the filler cap. Check and you might find it marked on your filler caps.

The steering rack does not have a bleed valve as its not needed. With the front wheels lifted off the ground, truning the steering from lock to lock slowly 4 or 5 times is enough for the air to escape back to the filler tank.

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I’m also needing to find out what type of gear oil it takes. I tried looking it up on the Manuel online but can’t find anything. It’s a 5 speed. 

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Haylee, unless you plan on removing the gearbox from the car then you can't change the gearbox oil as I believe there is no drain plug. Most Ford manual gearboxes are filled with oil for life. Others have also tried to change the oil in the gearbox and the best option would be to suck the oil out of the hole for the reverse light switch, a very slow and difficult process and of course it will at best only get about 90% of the oil out.

As I said before on this forum, Ford have made millions of vehicles and if they thought a gearbox oil change was needed then they would have made provision for it.

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